Protecting and promoting the existing and future well-being
of the residents and communities of the settlement area
having regard to the interests of all Canadians.



Are you ready for a cross-cultural experience in a Dene and Metis community in Canada’s north, where hiking, canoeing, and ice fishing can all be done at your doorstep?  The Sahtú Land Use Planning Board (SLUPB) is recruiting a highly motivated individual for the full-time position of Land Use Planner, based in Fort Good Hope, NT.
Strategic Plan - February 15, 2021
The Sahtú Land Use Planning Board is pleased to release its Strategic Plan 2021/22 - 2030/31.  It is available under "The Plan" menu on the SLUPB's website, and may be accessed directly at the following link: https://sahtulanduseplan.org/sites/default/files/sahtu-stratplan-web.pdf.  Print copies will be distributed to Sahtú organizations in the coming weeks. Mahsı.  
Notice: Draft Sahtú Land Use Plan Amendment Application: Ts’udé Nı̨lį́né Tuyeta (AM2020-01) - February 8, 2021
An application to amend the Sahtú Land Use Plan (“SLUP” or “Plan”) has been made by the Sahtú Land Use Planning Board (“SLUPB” or “Board’). The application is made following the creation of the Ts’udé Nı̨lį́né Tuyeta Protected Area within the SLUP Zone 65 PCI (Proposed Conservation Initiative).