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Notice: Draft Sahtú Land Use Plan Amendment Application: Ts’udé Nı̨lį́né Tuyeta (AM2020-01)

An application to amend the Sahtú Land Use Plan (“SLUP” or “Plan”) has been made by the Sahtú Land Use Planning Board (“SLUPB” or “Board’). The application is made following the creation of the Ts’udé Nı̨lį́né Tuyeta Protected Area within the SLUP Zone 65 PCI (Proposed Conservation Initiative). Section 2.2 of the Plan indicates that “the Plan will provide no further management direction to EPAs” (Established Protected Areas), and that “a change in the boundary…[of] a protected area or change in status of an area being proposed for protection, affects the Plan’s zoning and will require a Plan amendment, as per section 4.7”.

This Plan amendment seeks to zone the Ts’udé Nı̨lį́né Tuyeta Protected Area as an EPA, and recommend new zoning and conformity requirements for the lands excluded from the Protected Area that fall within the original SLUP Zone 65 PCI. The application also includes other minor amendments throughout the plan to integrate these changes appropriately.

This Draft Amendment Application is open for a 60-day comment period.  Written comments should be addressed to the SLUPB Chairperson, Heather Bourassa, and received by email, fax, post, or hand delivery by 5:00 PM on April 9, 2021

The Amendment Application and related materials are available at the SLUPB office in Fort Good Hope and on the SLUPB on-line registry here.

All questions regarding the Amendment Application should be directed to Heidi Wiebe at, or 867-447-0961.