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Sahtu Land Use Plan Monitoring & Evaluation Framework

The Sahtu Land Use Planning Board (SLUPB or “the Board) is pleased to release the cover letter and the report entitled “Sahtu Land Use Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Framework”, prepared by HTFC Planning & Design for discussion purposes.

The above mentioned documents can also be found under the "Plan" section of the Sahtu Land Use Planning Board's website.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Framework proposed in this document is the first iteration of a Framework, that the Board is putting forward for discussion.  The Board has not yet engaged its planning partners, and specifically those with implementation roles. Over the coming year, the Board intends to work with its planning and implementation partners to refine and implement a monitoring framework that will guide its work to monitor plan implementation going forward.  The Board welcomes feedback and comments on this Framework as it moves forward.

Should you have any comments or questions on the Framework, please contact the SLUPB’s Interim Project Manager, Heidi Wiebe, at, or (867) 447-0961.  Mahsı.