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Release of the Plain Language Summary of the Sahtú Land Use Plan

Dear Planning Partners,

The Sahtú Land Use Planning Board (“SLUPB”) is pleased to release its new Plain Language Summary of the Sahtú Land Use Plan (“Plan”). It is a non-legally binding document, meant to accompany the approved Plan. It summarizes the main sections of the Plan, briefly explaining them without going into too much detail. It is recommended that readers consult the approved Plan for more detail and understanding. Where there may be differences in interpretation, the approved Plan shall be used as it is the legally binding document.

This Plain Language Summary also integrates Dene language, which is a first step at incorporating more Dene language into the SLUPB’s documents. The SLUPB sees this as a way to breathe more life into its documents; a way for Dene and Metis, the people who have lived in the Sahtú Settlement Area since time immemorial, to recognize themselves and their culture in the Plan.

We look forward to ongoing participation and engagement with all planning partners to offer a better understanding of the Plan, while continuing to capture the voices of stakeholders. The Plan is a living document and is meant to improve and evolve over time, with this Plain Language Summary being an additional tool in better communicating it with the general populace.

If you have any questions, please contact the SLUPB’s Executive Director, Justin Stoyko, at, or by phone at 867-598-2055 ext.0.


Heather Bourassa
Chairperson, Sahtú Land Use Planning Board